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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Tofu & Fresh Noodles
Soft - 12x1lb Silken - 12x1lb Firm - 12x1lb Extra Firm - 20x10oz
Tofu(Soft) Tofu (Silken) Tofu (Firm) Tofu (Extra Firm)
Oriental Sauce -20x8oz Hot & Spicy - 20x8oz Curry Flavored - 20x8oz Flavored Diced - 20x9oz
Tofu (Oriental Sauce) Tofu (Hot & Spicy) Tofu (Curry Flavored) Tofu (Flavored Diced)
Flavored (5 Spice) - 20x10oz Vegetarian Beef - 20x8oz Vegetarian Chicken - 20x8oz Fried - 20x9oz
Tofu (Flavored) Fuyu (Persimmon) Tofu (Vegetarian Chicken) Tofu (Fried)
Soy Puff (Mini) - 24x2oz Soy Puff - 18x4oz Soy Noodle - 20x6oz Soy Noodle(Flavored) - 20x6oz
Soy Puff (Mini) Soy Puff Soy Noodle Soy Noodle (Flavored)
Soy Milk (Plain) - 9x1/2gl Soy Milk (Sweet) - 9x1/2gl Banh Canh (Blue) - 40 lb Banh Canh (Red) - 40 lb
Soy Milk (Plain) Soy Milk (Sweet) Banh Canh (Blue) (O King Brand) Banh Canh (Red) (O King Brand)
Banh Pho - 30x1lb Banh Pho - 6x5lb Banh Pho - 30x1lb Banh Pho - 6x5lb
Banh Pho (O King Brand) Banh Pho (O King Brand) Banh Pho (Rama Brand) Banh Pho (Rama Brand)
Pad thai - 30x1lb Banh Bot Loc - 40 lb Rice Noodle - 30x1 lb  
Pad Thai (O King Brand) Banh Bot Loc (O King Brand) Rice Noodle (Nature's Soy Brand)  
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Address - 2300 South Halsted Street. Chicago, IL 60608            Phone - 800-993-1628 or 312-216-2300

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