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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

FL05SAW2      (10x2lb) FL05GNW2  (10x1lb) FL05PMB2      (10x2lb) FL05SAC1      (20x1lb) FL05SR16      (20x1lb)
Whole Cooked Clams Whole Cooked Clams Whole Cooked
Brown Clams
Clam (Cockle) Clam (Cockle)
FL05CWA2      (20x14oz) FL05CWP1      (12x1lb) FL05SAM1      (30x14oz) FL05SAM3      (30x12oz) FL05GNC3      (30x14oz)
Clam (Arctic Surf) Clam (Propeller) Clam (Meat Baby Cooked) Clam (Meat Cooked) Clam (Meat)
FL25ORS2      (6x2lb) FL40GN16      (4x5lb) FQ20GNC2      (22.05lb) FQ20SRB4      (30x14oz) FQ20GNC1      (12x2lb)
Crab Soft Shell Crawfish (WH Cooked) Cuttle Fish 1/2 Cuttle Fish (Baby CL) Cuttle Fish (Baby) 20/40
FL30SAC1      (24x12oz) FL25MSS1      (36x14oz) FL20WBK1      (30x16oz) FL20WBF1      (30x16oz) FL20WBM1      (30x16oz)
Cooked Snails with
Coconut Juice
Salted Crab with Sauce Imitation Crab Meat
Imitation Crab Meat
Imitation Crab Meat
FL10GNM3      (10x1kg) FL10SFS1      (12x2lb) FQ10GNO2      (12x2lb) FQ10SAB1      (30x14oz) FL3088P4      (24x1lb)
Mussels Meat Mussel 1/2 Shell Baby Octopus Baby Octopus Perwinkle Meat
FL30GNP4      (30x14oz) FL30SRM1      (30x14oz) FL30SAM1      (30x14oz) FQ50JFF1      (12x16oz) FQ50VSF1      (24x16oz)
Snail Meat (Periwinkle) Snail Meat Cooked Snail Meat Cooked Fish Meat Paste Fish Meat Paste
FQ60BTC1      (35lb) FQ05SAM1      (30x14oz) FQ05WBM1      (24x16oz) FQ15QPC1      (12x3lb) FQ15WBV1      (24x1lb)
Sea Cucumber (XL-10in) Seafood Mix Seafood Mix Squid (California) Squid (Carving)
FQ15SAV1      (30x14oz) FQ15WBR1      (24x1lb) FQ15SAR1      (30x14oz) FQ15SAT1      (30x14oz) FQ15SRT1      (30x14oz)
Squid (Carving) Squid Ring Squid Ring Squid (Tentacles XL) Squid (Tentacles)
FQ15BNW1      (22lb) FQ15JFJ6      (39lb) FQ15RHU5      (22lb) FQ15JFU5      (22lb) FJ50SAL2      (30x16oz)
Squid (Whole IQF Bono) Squid (Whole Jumbo) Squid Illex (U5) Squid Illex (U5) Frog Legs
FJ50SAL3      (6x5lb) FJ50SRL2      (39lb)      
Frog Legs Frog Legs      
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