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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Rice & Sweet Rice
OR15EKJ5      (10x5lb) OR15EK25   (25lb) OR15EK50      (50lb) OR15MN25   (25lb) OR15MN50    (50lb)
Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

OR09RPW5      (10x5lb) OR10RPB1   (10x5lb) OR09RPW5      (10x5lb) OR08RPB5    (10x5lb) OR08RPR5      (10x5lb)
Jasmine Rice - Premium Jasmine Rice - Broken Sweet Rice - White Jasmine Rice - Brown Jasmine Rice - Red
OR09RPB5      (10x5lb) OR15RP25      (25lb) OR15RP50   (50lb) OR09RP25   (25lb) OR09RP50   (50lb)
Sweet Rice - Black Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice Sweet (Glutinous) Rice Sweet (Glutinous) Rice
OR15GC20      (20lb) OR15GC40   (40lb) OR20PRM1      (40lb) OR05PR20    (20lb) OR05NK15   (15lb)
Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice Rice (Medium Grain) Brown Rice Brown Rice
OR20L050   (50lb) OR20L100   (100lb) OR09FE25   (25lb) OR09FE05      (8x5lb) OR40LSM1    (30x14oz)
Rice (Long Grain) Rice (Long Grain) Sweet Rice (Short Grain) Sweet Rice (Short Grain) Millet
OR09BR25   (25lb) OR09BR50   (50lb) OR20RLX2    (50lb) OR20RLX1    (100lb) OR85WFP7      (70x12oz)
Sweet Rice (Long Grain) Sweet Rice (Long Grain) Rice (Extra Long Grain) Rice (Extra Long Grain) Pearl Barley Thai
OR07KH20   (20lb) OR07KH50   (50lb)      
Calrose Rice Calrose Rice      
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Address - 2300 South Halsted Street. Chicago, IL 60608            Phone - 800-993-1628 or 312-216-2300

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