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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Potsticker, Dumpling & Wonton
FA15JFC1      (12x19oz) FA15JFP1      (12x19oz) FA15JFP2      (12x19oz) FA15JFP3      (12x19oz) FA15JFS1      (12x19oz)
Dumpling - Chicken
& Cabbage
Dumpling - Pork
& Cabbage
Dumpling - Pork
& Leek
Dumpling - Pork
& Corn
Dumpling - Shrimp/
Pork & Leek
FA15JFV1      (12x19oz) FA15JFP4      (12x17oz)      
Dumpling - Vegetable Dumpling - Pork Soup      
FA15FT06      (14x19oz) FT15FT05      (14x19oz) FA15FT01      (14x19oz) FA15FT02      (14x19oz) FA15FT03      (14x19oz)
Dumpling - Pork & Corn Dumpling - Chicken & Leek Dumpling - Cabbage & Pork Dumpling - Pork & Leek Dumpling - Vegetable, Pork
& Black Mushroom
FA15FT11      (8x48oz) FA15FT10      (8x48oz) FA15FAV4      (8x48oz) FA15COP3      (15x21oz) FA15COP4      (4x2lb)
Potsticker - Chicken Potsticker - Pork Potsticker - Vegetable Dumpling - Pork & Chive Flat Dumpling - Pork
& Veg (22pc)
FA15COS5      (9x16oz) FA15COV5      (9x16oz) FA15COC9      (9x16oz) FA15COC6      (9x16oz) FA15COC7      (9x16oz)
Potsticker - Shrimp Potsticker - Vegetable Potsticker - Kung Pao Chicken Potsticker - Thai Chicken Potsticker - Chicken & Napa
FA15COC8      (9x16oz) FA15COS4      (10x12pc) FA15RWM1      (20x20oz) FA15RWP2      (18x20oz) FA15RWP1      (18x20oz)
Potsticker - Miso Chicken

Suimei - Pork
& Shrimp (22pc)

Mini Soupy Bun (Pork) Dumpling - Pork & Cabbage Dumpling - Pork & Leek
FR10VSR1      (15x2pc) FR10VSS1      (15x2pc) FR10VSS2      (15x2pc) FA35SRS2      (12x2lb) FM50FAB1      (32x18oz)
Rice Dumpling Reg
(Chon Tsu)
Rice Dumpling Spicy
(Chon Tsu)
Rice Dumpling Red Bean
(Chon Tsu)
Rice Cake (Sliced) Rice Cake - Pork Blood
FR60FAC1      (12x10oz) FR60FAP1      (12x10oz) FR60FAS1      (12x10oz) FR60CPW1      (12x9.1oz) FR60CPW2      (12x5.1oz)
Wonton Soup
Wonton Soup
Wonton Soup
(Shrimp & Pork)
Wonton Soup - Shrimp
Wonton Soup - Shrimp Wonton
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