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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Pickle Fruit & Vegetable
PT03DRM1      (36x10.5oz) OC17DCG1      (24x16oz) OC17DCD1      (24x16oz) OC17DCC1      (24x16oz) OC17DCG2      (24x16oz)
Pickled Sour Mustard Pickled Garlic Pickled Dahendi Pickled Red Chili Pickled Ginger (Sliced)
OC02PTL1      (12x24oz) OC02PTP1      (12x24oz) OC02PTL2      (12x24oz) OC02PTP3      (12x24oz) OC02PTT1     (24x15oz)
Bamboo Shoot
(Laos Style)
Bamboo ShootStrips
(3 Taste Sour)
Bamboo Shoot Sliced
Bamboo Shoot Strips
Bamboo Shoots Tip
(Cha-om, Chili, Mushroom)
OC02PTT2      (12x24oz) OC02PTP2      (24x12oz) OC02PTL3      (12x24oz) OC17PEG1      (24x16oz) OC17KPM1      (24x16oz)
Bamboo Shoot Tip (Cha-om,
Chili, Tomato, Mushroom)
Bamboo Shoot Strips
(Yanang & Chili)
Bamboo Shoot Sliced
(Bai Yanang & Chili)
Pickled Garlic Pickled Plum Mango
OC02RHL1      (12x2lb) OC02RHL2      (6x4lb) OC02RHL6      (6x104oz) OC02RHP6      (6x104oz)  
Bamboo Slice (Sour) Bamboo Slice (Sour) Bamboo Shoot Sliced Bamboo Shoot Strips  
OC02RHT1      (44lb) OC02OCT2      (44lb) OC02CTW1      (44lb) OC02KPT1      (44lb) OC02RHT2       (44lb)
Bamboo Shoot Tip Rai
Bamboo Shoot Tip Rai
Bamboo Shoot (Tip-Short) Bamboo Shoot Tip

Bamboo Shoot Tip Rai

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