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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Meat Balls & Fish Tofu
FM05JFS1      (30x8oz) FM05JFB1      (30x8oz) FM05JFT1      (20x12oz) FM05JFP2      (30x8oz) FM05JFF1      (30x8oz)
Shrimp Ball Beef Meat Ball Beef Tendon Meat Ball Pork Meat Ball Fish Ball
FM05DDF1      (30x1lb) FM05DDS1      (30x1lb) FM05DDL1      (30x1lb) FM05DDC1      (30x1lb) FM05JFC1      (30x8oz)
Fish Ball - Do Do Fish & Shrimp Ball - Do Do Lobster Ball - Do Do Cuttle Fish Ball - Do Do Cuttlefish Ball
FM05WLT3      (24x13oz) FM05WLB3      (24x13oz) FM05WLP3      (24x13oz) FM05WLT5      (5x5lb) FM05VSB8      (30x8oz)
Beef Ball with Beef Tendon Beef Meat Ball (Bo Vien) Pork Meat Ball Beef Ball with
Beef Tendon - XL
Beef Meat Ball
FM05VST1      (20x12oz) FM05VSC8      (30x8oz) FM05VSF8      (30x8oz) FM05VSP8      (30x8oz) FM05VSS8      (30x8oz)
Beef Tendon Meat Ball Cuttlefish Ball Fish Ball Pork Meat Ball Shrimp Ball
FM05RWF1      (40x10oz) FM05RWB1      (40x10oz) FM05RWP1      (40x10oz) FM05RW10      (40x10oz) FA15RW04      (20x10oz)
Fish Tofu (Cake) with Pork Beef Ball with
Pork & Chicken Fill
Ball (Fish/Pork) with
Pork Fill
Fish Rolls Wrapper with
Fish & Pork
Fish Dumpling with
Pork & Shrimp Fill
FM05RW14      (30x9oz) FM05RWF3      (30x9oz) FM05RW16      (30x9oz) FM05RW19      (30x9oz) FM05RW18      (30x9oz)
White Fish Ball Fried Fish Ball Shrimp Ball Beef Tendon Ball Cuttlefish Ball
FM05RW21      (30x9oz) FM05RW20      (30x9oz) FM05RW25      (5x5lb) FM05RW08      (5x5lb) FM05RW11      (5x5lb)
Imitation Lobster Ball Fish Ball Chinese
Style Sausage
Fish Ball with
Pork Filling
Imitation Shrimp Ball w/
Pork & Shrimp
Cuttlefish Ball
FM05RWF2      (5x5lb) FM05RW09      (5x5lb) FM05RW26      (5x5lb) FM05RW13      (5x5lb) FM05RW07      (5x5lb)
Fried Fish Ball Imitation Conch Meat Ball Stuffed Beef Ball Fish Ball with Scallion Fish Ball with
Corn & Sweet Peas
FM05RW03      (5x5lb) FM05RW05      (5x5lb) FM05RW04      (5x5lb) FM05RW27      (5x5lb) FM05RW06      (5x5lb)
Beef Tendon Ball Imitation Lobster Ball Shrimp Ball Fish Rolls Filled with Pork Fish Ball with
Chinese Style Sausage
FM05RW40      (5x5lb) FM05RW12      (5x5lb) FA15RW05      (24x12oz) FA15RW02      (20x10oz) FA15RW01      (20x10oz)
Chinese Style Sausage Chinese Style Sausage
(Mini Bite)
Fish Dumpling with
Pork & Chives
Fish Dumpling with
Lobster Fill
Fish Dumpling with
Pork & Leek Fill
FM05RW02      (5x5lb) FM05RW01      (5x5lb) FM05RWF4      (30x9oz) FM05RW17      (30x9oz) FA15RW06      (24x12oz)
Fish Tofu with
Shrimp Filling
Fish Tofu Fish Tofu with Shrimp Filling Fish Tofu Fish Dumpling with
Pork & Shrimp
FMO5DDT1      (30x1lb) FM05BT01      (40x1lb)      
Fish Tofu Fish Tofu      
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