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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Instant Noodle
OD10NSK8      (12x3oz) OD10NSF8      (12x3oz) OD10NSY8      (12x3oz) OD10NSL8      (12x3oz) OD10NSC3      (12x3oz)
Noodle - Kim Chi Bowl Noodle - Spicy Seafood Bowl Noodle - Hot & Spicy Bowl Noodle - Lobster Bowl Noodle - Chapagetti Bowl
OD10NSC8      (12x3oz) OD10NSC1      (12x3oz) OD10NSP8      (12x3oz) OD10NSS3      (12x3oz) OD10NST1      (12x3oz)
Noodle - Spicy Chicken Bowl Noodle - Mild Chicken Bowl Noodle - Spicy Shrimp Bowl Noodle - Mild Shrimp Bowl Noodle - Tempura Udon Bowl
OD10NSB2      (12x3oz) OD10NSH8      (12x3oz) OD10NSP6      (6x3oz) OD10NSN6      (6x3oz) OD10NST6      (6x3oz)
Noodle - Beef Bowl Noodle - Shin Bowl Noodle - Spicy Shrimp Cup Noodle - Neoguri Cup Noodle - Tempura Udon Cup
OD10NSS7      (6x2.6oz) OD10NSB1      (6x4oz) OD10NSK1      (6x4oz) OD10NSU1      (6x4oz) OD10NSU9      (6x10oz)
Noodle - Shin Cup Noodle - Shin Big Bowl Noodle - Kimchi Big Bowl Noodle - Udon Big Bowl Noodle - Premium Udon Bowl
OD10NSS2      (20x4.2oz) OD10NSS5      (18x4.58oz) OD10NSK2      (20x4.2oz) OD10NSN2      (20x4.2oz) OD10NSS1      (20x4.2oz)
Noodle - Shin Ramyun Noodle - Shin Ramyun (Black) Noodle - Kimchi Ramyun Noodle - Seafood Neoguri Noodle - Seafood Ramyun
OD10NSC2      (20x4.2oz) OD10NSA1      (20x4.2oz) OD10OJM1      (6x2oz) OD10OJH1      (6x2oz) OD10OJY1      (6x2oz)
Noodle - Chapagetti Noodle - Ausungtangmyun Noodle - Jin Ramen Cup
Noodle - Jin Ramen Cup
Noodle - Ramen Cup
OD10OJY2      (12x4oz) OD10WWP3      (36x2oz) OD10WWY3      (36x2oz) OD10WWM3      (36x2oz) OD10WWT3      (36x2oz)
Noodle - Yeul Ramen Bowl Noodle - Pork Falvor Cup Noodle - Pork Tom Yum Cup Noodle - Tom Yum Mun
Goong Cup
Noodle - Tom Yum
Shrimp Cup
OD10WWK3      (36x2oz) OD10WWC6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWY6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWB7      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWB6      (6x30x2oz)
Noodle - Tom Klong Cup Noodle - Chicken Flavor Noodle - Pork Tom Yum Noodle - Beef Casserole Noodle - Pad Char Baby Clam
OD10WWK6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWM6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWT7      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWH6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWT6      (6x30x2oz)
Noodle -Tom Yum Shrimp
Cream Soup
Noodle -Tom Yum Mun
Noodle -Tom Yum Shrimp Noodle - Hot & Spicy Shrimp Noodle -Tom Klong
OD10WWP6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWD6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWS6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWO6      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWV6      (6x30x2oz)
Noodle - Pork Falvor Noodle - Duck Falvor Noodle - Sour Soup Noodle - Oriental Style Noodle - Vegetarian Flavor
OD10WWV7      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWP5      (6x30x2oz) OD10WWC5      (6x30x2oz) OD10HHS2      (30x2.7oz) OD10HHO1      (30x2.7oz)
Noodle - Vegetarian
Tom Yum
Rice Vermicelli - Pork Rice Vermicelli - Crab Noodle - Hot Sour Shrimp Noodle - Sate Onion Flavor
OD10HHS1      (30x2.7oz) OD10HHV1      (30x2.7oz) OD10HHC2      (30x2.7oz) OD10IBM1      (8x5x3oz) OD10IBP1      (8x5x3oz)
Noodle - Shrimp Onion Flavor Noodle - Vegetarian Instant Noodle - Chicken Flavor Noodle - Mee Goreng (Prawn) Noodle - Mi Segera (Prawn)
OD10IBV1      (8x5x3oz) OD10IBH1      (8x5x3oz) OD10PAC2      (6x30x2oz) OD10PAC1      (6x30x2oz) OD10PAV2      (6x30x2oz)
Noodle - VegeMee
Noodle - LadMee (Hot Pepper) Inst Rice Noodle -
Clear Soup
Inst Rice Noodle -
Inst Rice Vermicelli -
Clear Soup
OD10PAV1      (6x30x2oz) OD10PAC3      (6x30x2oz) OD10PAK1      (3x30x2oz) OD10PH05      (6x5oz) OD10BC05      (6x5oz)
Inst Rice Vermicelli -
Thai Tom Yum
Inst Kua Chap -
Clear Soup
Inst Kua Chap -
Tom Kha Kai
Rice Noodle Soup - Beef Udon Noodle Soup - Pork
OD10KFS2      (12x70gm) OD10KFC1      (30x85gm) OD10KFS1      (30x85gm) OD10KFP1      (30x85gm)  
Noodle (Pho)
Shrimp/Crab Flavor
Noodle-Chicken Flavor Noodle-Shrimp Flavor Noodle-Pork Flavor  
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