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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Food Service & Miscellaneous
EB35LG14      (24x14oz) EB35LG48      (48x14oz) EB35PR14      (24x14oz) EB35PR35     (24x35oz) EB35BW14      (24x14oz)
Condensed Milk Sweet Condensed Milk Sweet - Gold Condensed Milk Sweet Condensed Milk Sweet Condensed Milk Sweet
EB35BW13       (24x14oz) AO15NCV1       (12x14oz) AO15BB14        (12x14oz) AO15BC14      (12x14oz) AO15NCC1      (12x14oz)
Evaporated Milk Vegetable Broth Beef Broth Chicken Broth (No MSG) Chicken Broth (With MSG)
OB10CHC6      (6x96oz) OC75GNL1      (6x5lb) OT20CFP1      (6x5lb) OC23CHC1      (6x5lb) OC02CTL1      (6x5lb)
Coconut Milk Water Chestnut (Sliced) Pineapple Chunk Baby Corn (Cut) Bamboo Shoot (Sliced)
OU15MPC3      (3x4kg) OU15LKH2      (6x5lb) OU15LKH3      (6x4.85lb) OU15PD65      (6x5lb) OU15PD66      (6x5lb)
Sweet Chili Sauce - Chicken Hoisin Sauce Hoisin Sauce ( Kum Chun) Oyster Sauce Oyster Sauce (Panda-Green)
OU15LK13      (6x5lb) OU15LKP2     (6x5lb) OU15LK65     (6x5lb) OU05HF04      (4x1gl) OU05HFG4      (4x1gl)
Black Bean Garlic Sauce Plum Sauce (Gold Label) Oyster Sauce (Premium) Sambal Oelek Sauce Chili Garlic Sauce
OU35PTC2      (4x105.72oz) OU15LK07      (5gl) OU15KM05      (5gl) OU15LK05      (12x63.5oz) OU15ODS1     (500pc)
Chili Paste w/Bean Oil Kum Chun Soy Sauce Kikkoman Soy Sauce Dark Soy Sauce Soy Sauce
OU15LK10      (2x250pk) OU15ODM1      (500pc) OU15ODW1     (500pc) IU16KOE1     (4x1gl) IU16KOT1     (4x1gl)
Soy Sauce (Kum Chun) Mustard Package Egg Yellow Shade Color Egg Yellow Shade Color Tomato Color
IU15HZK1      (6x5lb) AI40QFC6      (5x6lb) II50GNH1      (5lb) IB40DDS1      (4x1gl) IU15GNV4      (4x1gl)
Ketchup Chicken Bouillon Honey Sesame Flavor Oil White Vinegar (5%)
OR05LCG1      (10x5lb) OR05LCG2      (10x5lb) OR05LCG0      (10x5lb) OR05LCG3     (10x5lb) OR85KOP1      (6x5lb)
Garlic Minced Garlic Powder Garlic Flakes Garlic Granules Peanut (Whole Blanch)
OR05LCC2     (10x5lb) OR05LCC1     (10x5lb) OR05LCC3     (50lb) GR26GNF1     (5lb) GR26TJ05      (5lb)
Chili Powder Crushed Chilli Crushed Chilli Dried Black Fungus - Strips Dried Mushroom (3-4cm)
OR05AKW1      (10x2.2lb) OV30ABO1      (6x5lb) OV30ABJ1      (6x5lb) II80GN20     (25lb) II80GN50      (50lb)
Wasabi Powder Oolong Tea Jasmine Tea Table Salt Table Salt
IF80WMP1      (44lb) IF80MJC1      (50lb) II50MX50      (50lb) IW65KOS1      (6x12pc) IW60PDD1      (4x1gl)
Potato Starch Corn Starch Sugar - Fine Granulated Metal Sponges Detergent
IW05GNL2      (12x20in) IW05GNS1      (11x14in) IW05GNP1      (11x19in) IW10GNS2     (11x14in) IW10GNL2     (11x19in)
Produce Bag (HDPE) 4 Rolls Produce Bag (HDPE) 4 Rolls Produce Bag (LDPE) 4 Rolls Poly Plastic Bag (S)
Poly Plastic Bag (L)
IW20GNLR      (500pc) IW20GNM2      (10x6x20in) IW56KO12      (12inx2000ft) IW56KO18    (18inx2000ft) IW56KO24    (18inx2000ft)
Shopping Bag 1/6 17 Shopping Bag (M) (1500PC) Film (12in) Film (18in) Film (24in)
OK05WB01      (20x74pc) OK05WBOO      (20x100pc) IW11GN01      (1000pc) IW11GN02      (1000pc) IW11GN03      (1000pc)
Chopstick (White) Chopstick (White) RND Glassine Bag (1/2 lb) Glassine Bag (1 lb) Glassine Bag (2 lb)
IW18GNF1      (1000pc) IW18GNS4      (1000pc) IW25GNM2      (10pc) IW25GNM3     (5pc) IW20GNB3     (50pc)
Plastic Fork Plastic Spoon Plastic Mat 2-Fold Plastic Mat 3-Fold Household Broom
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