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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Fermented & Preserved
OU30CMR1      (24x16oz) OU30CMF2      (24x16oz) OU30CMF1      (24x16oz) OU30HOR1      (12x18oz) OU30TSR1     (12x18oz)
Bean Curd-Fermented Red Fermented Bean Curd
with Chili
Fermented Bean Curd Bean Curd-Fu Chung
Bean Curd - Shanghai Red
OM40MLS1    (32x12oz) OM70HOD1      (60x12oz) OM70GYE1    (24x6pc) OM40ITE1      (24x6pc) OC70MCB1      (100x8oz)
Sausage Chinese Style (Pork) Egg Yolk ( Salted Duck) Salted Duck Eggs

Egg (Preserved Duck)

Salted Black Beans
Mulan Chinese Style Sausage

Address - 2300 South Halsted Street. Chicago, IL 60608            Phone - 800-993-1628 or 312-216-2300

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