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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Dried & Preserved Vegetables
GR26CHR1      (50x12oz) GR26CH01      (50x12oz) GR26HO03      (50x12oz) GR26CHB1      (50x12oz) GR26GGS1      (40x85oz)
Dried Red Dates Dried Sweet Dates Dried Dates Dried Black Dates Dried Seaweed
GR26BBL1      (100x5oz) GR26WL02      (32x5.2oz) GR26HOF3      (100x2.5oz) GR26HOF2      (100x2.5oz) ID05MCL1      (2x25x14oz)
Dried Lily Flowers Dried White Fungus Dried Black Fungus-Whole Dried Black Fungus-Strip Salted Mustard
ID05MCL2      (2x25x14oz) OR05DRG1      (12x12oz) OR05DRG2      (12x12oz) OR05DR01      (12x12oz) OR05DR02      (12x12oz)
Salted Radish Fried Garlic Fried Garlic Fried Onion Fried Onion
GR26WL04      (32x7oz) GF26WL03     (32x7oz) GR26PAY1      (50x14oz) OR80WLB1      (20x12oz) OR12CG12      (40x14oz)
Dried Mushroom (Shitake) Dried Mushroom Dried Yeast Bean Curd Stick Dried Bamboo Leaves
OV21SH01      (35x10x2.57oz) OV21YU01      (35x10x2.57oz) OV21YU02      (45x17.4oz) OR00TH01      (100x1.75oz) OR00DRB1      (48x3.50oz)
Bean Tea Snack Bean Tea Snack Sour Pickle Bean Tea Betel Leaves (Dried) Betel Limestone Paste White
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Address - 2300 South Halsted Street. Chicago, IL 60608            Phone - 800-993-1628 or 312-216-2300

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