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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Cooking Wine & Oil
OU13CW06      (12x750ml) OU13CW01      (12x750ml) OU13CW03      (4x3lt) OU13CW12      (12x750ml) OU13CW04      (4x3lt)
Cooking Wine - Hua Diao Cooking Wine - Rice Cooking Wine - Rice Cooking Wine - Shao Hsing Cooking Wine - Shao Hsing
OU13CW08      (12x750ml) OU13LS24      (24x560ml) OU13TW03      (12x750ml) OU13TW05    (12x750ml) OU13TW02    (12x750ml)
Cooking Wine - San Sheng Chiew Cooking Wine - Kwangtung Cooking Wine - Michiu Tou

Cooking Wine - Michiu Hon

Cooking Wine - Michiu

OU13LC03   (12x750ml) OU13LC01    (4x3lt) OU13LC02    (4x3lt) OU13CW05    (12x750ml) OU70DPV1   (12x34oz)
Cooking Michiu Cooking Michiu Cooking Michiu

Cooking Wine - Fukien Loh

Datu Puti Vinegar
  OU70WPC1    (24x600ml) OU70GWV1    (24x554ml) OU70GNB1    (24x500ml)  
  Black Vinegar Chin Kiang Great Wall Vinegar Superior Vinegar (Shanxi)  
OO70LK15   (12x15oz) OO70KD06    (24x5.5oz) OO70KD11    (24x11oz) OO70KD22    (12x22oz) IO50ML88   (6x88oz)
Sesame Oil Sesame Oil Sesame Oil Sesame Oil Peanut Oil
IO10ML48   (12x48oz) IO10ML88   (6x88oz) IO80ML48   (12x48oz) IO80ML88   (6x88oz) IO50ML48   (12x48oz)
Corn Oil Corn Oil Vegetable Oil Vegetable Oil Peanut Oil
IB30BB48   (12x48oz) IB20BB48   (12x48oz) AB30GNC1   (1x35lb) IB20BBC1   (1x35lb) IB50MIS1   (1x35lb)
Vegetable Oil Corn Oil Vegetable Oil Corn Oil Shortening Oil
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