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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Canned Fruits & Vegetables
OB10ADR2      (48x5.6oz) OB10ADR1      (24x14oz) OB10ADD1      (24x14oz) OB10SA13      (24x14oz) OB10SA19      (24x17.8oz)
Coconut Milk Coconut Milk Coconut Milk Dessert Coconut Cream Coconut Cream
OB10CH05      (48x5.6oz) OB10CHC2      (24x13.5oz) OB10CHC1      (14x13.5oz) OB10CHC3      (24x13.5oz) OB10CH02      (72x2oz)
Coconut Milk Coconut Milk Coconut Cream Coconut Milk (Lite) Coconut Milk (Powder 6dz)
OB10MP19      (24x19oz) OB10CFC3      (24x13.5oz) OV22AD24      (24x14oz) OM10ADQ1    (24x15oz) OT15ADJ2   (24x20oz)
Coconut Cream Coconut Cream Coconut Juice Quail Eggs in Brine Yg Green Jackfruit In Brine
OT15ADS1    (24x20oz) OT15ADG1    (24x20oz) OC20ADY1    (24x14oz) OT15ADM2   (24x15oz) OV15ADA1   (24x22oz)
Sapota In Syrup Guava In Syrup Yanang Leaves Extract Mango Slice In Syrup Attap In Heavy Syrup
OT15ADT2    (24x20oz) OT15ADT1      (24x20oz) OT15ADL2   (24x20oz) OT15ADL1   (24x20oz) OT15ADJ1   (24x20oz)
Toddy Palm In Syrup (Slice) Toddy Palm In Syrup (Whole) Lychee In Syrup Longan In Syrup Jackfruit In Syrup
OT15ADR1    (24x20oz) OT15ADF1      (24x20oz) OC02ADP1      (24x19oz) OT15ADM1    (24x20oz) OT15ADS2      (24x15oz)
Rambutan In Syrup Tropical Fruit Salad In Syrup Bamboo Shoot (Strip) Mangosteen In Syrup Soursop In Syrup
OT15CHC1      (24x15oz) OT15CHJ1      (24x20oz) OT15CHJ2    (24x20oz) OT15CHL1      (24x20oz) OT15CHL2      (24x20oz)
Coconut Meat In Syrup Jackfruit In Syrup Young Green Jackfruit Longan In Syrup Lychee In Syrup
OT15CHA1    (24x23oz) OT15CHT1      (24x20oz) OC35CHB1      (24x18oz) OT15CHS1      (24x20oz) OT15CHS2    (12x48oz)
Attap Fruit In Syrup Toddy Palm Seed (Slice) Banana Blossom Sugar Cane Sugar Cane
OM10CHQ1    (24x15oz) OC23CHM1      (24x15oz) OC35CHC1      (24x15oz) OC23CHM2      (24x15oz) OC02EGS1      (24x28oz)
Quail Egg Young Sweet Corn 15up Young Sweet Corn (Cut) Young Sweet Corn 20up Bamboo Shoot (Slender)
OC75RHL2      (24x8oz) OC75RHW2      (24x8oz) OC02RHS2      (24x20z) OC02RHS1      (24x20z) OC02RHT3      (24x20z)
Water Chestnuts (Sliced) Water Chestnuts (Whole) Bamboo Shoot (Sliced) Bamboo Shoot (Strips) Bamboo Shoot (Sliced)
OT15RHL2      (24x20z) OC50GNS1    (24x15oz) OC50JES1      (24x15oz) OC50JES2      (24x15oz)  
Lychee In Syrup Straw Mushroom - Broken Straw Mushroom - Peeled Straw Mushroom - Unpeeled  
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