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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Candy, Jelly & Snacks
OS02CGS1      (40x5.6oz) OS02CGG1       (40x5.6oz) OS02CGG2      (30x7.05oz) OS02CGC1       (40x5.6oz) OS02CGC2      (30x8.4oz)
Candy - Coffee Sumiyaki Candy - Ginger Coconut Candy - Ginger Coconut Candy - Coconut Candy - Coconut
OS02CGC5      (10x19.4oz) OS02CGL2       (30x8.8oz) OS02CGA3      (20x10.5oz) OS02CGD1      (40x6.35oz) OS02ACC1      (12x4oz)
Candy - Coconut Candy - Coconut Classic Candy - Assorted Candy - Durian
Cotton Candy
OS02YHC1      (48x1.06oz) AF07YUG1       (48x1.06oz) AF07YUS1      (48x1.06oz) AF07YUW1       (48x1.06oz) AF07YUS2      (48x1.06oz)
Popping Candy - Cola Popping Candy - Green Apple Popping Candy - Strawberry Popping Candy - Watermelon Popping Candy - Super Sour
AF07YUL1      (48x1.06oz) AF07YUG2      (48x0.4oz) AF07YUC2     (48x0.4oz) AF07WL30      (24x12.3oz) OS02GNM1      (24x7.6oz)
Popping Candy - Lychee Lollipop Candy - Grape Lollipop Candy - Cola Candy - Guava Candy - Mango Gummy
AF07ID05      (80x5.25oz) OS02ART1      (36x10oz) OS02CGD1      (40x6.35oz) OS02UNC1      (36x50x150gm)  
Candy - Ginger
Candy - Tamarind
Candy - Durian
Candy - Coffee  
OS03ABM1      (30x10oz) OS03ABL1      (30x10oz) OS03ABL2      (6x35oz) OS03JJJ1      (6x56oz) OS03JJD1      (6x52oz)
Jelly - Mango
Jelly - Lychee Jelly - Lychee (SQ-Cup)
Jelly Fruits (Assorted)
Fruit Drop (Assorted)
AF07GN01      (100x3.5oz) OR05DR07      (40x7oz) OR05DRS1      (40x7oz) IC05TL04      (16x3oz) OD15NS02      (20x3oz)
Crispy Cake (Me Xung Tron) Fried Anchovy Herb Fried Anchovy Sesame
Plantains Chips
Oning Rings
OD15SS1      (30x2.6oz) OD15SS3      (30x2.6oz) OD15NSS4      (6x400g) OD15FPG1      (30x10.58oz) OD15FPO1      (30x10.5oz)
Shrimp Cracker (Hot) Shrimp Cracker
Shrimp Cracker (Large)
Peanut (Garlic Flavor)
Peanut (Original Flavor)
ID05BBM1      (100x3.5oz) ID05BBM2      (100x3.5oz)      
Preserved Dried Mango Preserved Dried Mango
with Chili
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Address - 2300 South Halsted Street. Chicago, IL 60608            Phone - 800-993-1628 or 312-216-2300

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