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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Bubble Tea Products
OV10PMC1      (20x2.2lb) OV10PMM2      (20x2.2lb) OV10PMG1      (20x2.2lb) OV10PMV1     (20x2.2lb) OV10PMC2      (20x2.2lb)
Powder - Coffee Powder - Mocha Powder - Jasmine Green Tea Powder - Vanilla Powder - Coconut
OV10PMT1       (20x2.2lb) OV10PMH1       (20x2.2lb) OV10PMM1       (20x2.2lb) OV10PMW1      (20x2.2lb) OV10PMP2      (20x2.2lb)
Powder - Taro Powder - Honeydew Powder - Mango Powder - Watermelon Powder - Pineapple
OV10PMP1      (20x2.2lb) OV20PMS1      (6x5.5lb) OV20PMM1      (6x5.5lb) OV20PMP1      (6x5.5lb) OV20PMH1      (6x6lb)
Powder - Papaya Syrup - Strawberry Syrup - Mango Syrup - Passion Fruit Syrup - Honey
OV20PMK1     (6x6lb) OV20PMG1      (6x6lb) OV20PML1      (6x6lb) OV14PML1      (4x7lb) OV14PMS1      (4x7lb)
Syrup - Kumquat Syrup - Green Apple Syrup - Lemon Popping Boba - Lychee Popping Boba - Strawberry
OV14PMM1      (4x7lb) OV14PMO1      (4x7lb) OV18PMP1      (4x9.9lb) OV18PMS1     (4x9.9lb) OV18PMM1      (4x9.9lb)
Popping Boba - Strawberry Popping Boba - Mango Jam - Pineapple Jam - Strawberry Jam - Mango
OV18PMK1      (4x9.9lb) OV15PML1     (4x8.8lb) OV15PMR1     (4x8lb) OV21PMG1      (10x1.32lb) OV21PMB1      (10x1.32lb)
Jam - Kiwi Natate Coco (Litchi) Rainbow Agar Jasmine Green Tea Assam Black Tea
OV15PMT1      (6x6.6lb)        
Tapioca Pearl        
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