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A leading ethnic produce, grocery and frozen foods distributor

Beverage / Juice
OV21FO08      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO06      (24x17.6oz) OV22FO24      (24x11.8oz) OV22FO01      (24x17.6oz) OV25FO03      (24x11.8oz)
Coconut Juice Coconut Juice Roasted Coconut Juice Roasted Coconut Juice Mangosteen Juice
OV22CH13       (24x11.8oz) OV22CH17      (24x17.5oz) OV22CHJ3      (24x11.8oz) OV22CHJ7      (24x17.5oz) OV21FO24      (24x11.8oz)
Coconut Juice with Pulp Coconut Juice with Pulp Coconut Juice with Jelly Coconut Juice with Jelly Lychee Drink
OV40FO08      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO04      (24x11.8oz) OV25FO24      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO03      (24x11.8oz) OV24FO35      (24x11.8oz)
Tamarind Juice Pomegranate Juice Mango Juice Passion Fruit Drink Mango & Passion Fruit Drink
OV25FO04     (24x11.8oz) OV21FO02      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO05      (24x11.8oz) OV25FO05      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO01      (24x11.8oz)
Soursop Juice Pennywort Drink Thai Tea Drink Sugar Cane Juice Guava Drink
OV21FO11      (24x11.8oz) OV23FOG1      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO07      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO10      (24x11.8oz) OV21FO09      (11x11.8oz)
Basil Seed Drink Grass Jelly Drink Aloe Vera Drink - Mixed Berry Aloe Vera Drink - Lychee Aloe Vera Drink - Muscat
OV27FO24      (24x9.8oz) OV27FO01     (24x9.8oz) OV27FO02     (24x9.8oz) OV27FO03      (24x9.8oz) OV21ABA1      (12x1.5lt)
Aloe Vera Dessert - Muscat Aloe Vera Dessert - Lychee Aloe Vera Dessert - Mango Aloe Vera Dessert - Pineapple Aloe Vera Drink
OV21PDA1      (12x1.5lt) OV21CK01      (30x250ml) OV60CRGZ      (24x12oz) OV60CRYZ      (24x12oz) OV60CRGL      (6x2lt)
Aloe Vera Drink Coconut Milk Drink Cocount Soda Cocount Soda Coconut Soda
OV24LSS1      (6x6x8.45oz) OV24VMS1      (24x10.2oz) OV24YS24      (24x10.10oz) OV24YSC1      (24x10.10oz) OV21YSW2      (24x10.10oz)
Soy Milk (Lactasoy) Soy Milk (VitaMilk) Soy Bean Drink (Yeo’s) Chrysanthemun Drink White Gourd Drink
OV21WO01      (30x8.10oz) OV23CCG2      (24x11.5oz) OV23CCG3      (24x11.5oz) OV23CCG1      (24x11.5oz) OV27CO12      (12x26oz)
White Fungus Drink Grass Jelly (Banana) Grass Jelly (Lychee) Grass Jelly (Original - Honey) Coffee Drink
OV21MGO1      (6x6x320ml) OV21MGC1      (6x6x320ml) OV21MGP1      (6x6x320ml) OV21MGS1      (6x6x320ml) OV21MGM1      (6x6x320ml)
Orange Drink Coconut Drink Pineapple Drink Strawberry Drink Mango Drink
OV21MGL1      (6x6x320ml) OV21MGA1      (6x6x320ml) OV21TNO2      (24x16.2oz) OU13TW04      (12x1500ml) IV15MC24      (24x8.4oz)
Lychee Drink Apple Drink Thai Tea Healthy Tea Beverage Energy Drink - Can
IV15MB50      (50x150ml) EV65RYG3      (24x330ml) OV27MB08      (24x8.12oz) OV27MBB8      (24x8.12oz) OV27MBC8      (24x8.12oz)
Energy Drink - Bottle Ginger Beer Drink Coffee (Original) Coffee (Blue Mountain) Coffee (Cappuccino)
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